Indji Watch for Wind Farm Operations provides superior awareness of significant weather events that endanger your employees, disrupt your operations and impact your profits.

Your farm can be impacted by many hazards. High wind events can cause turbine cut-outs and endanger your employees. Lightning strikes can cause major blade damage and be very costly. Having real-time hazard data, severe weather event alerts, weather forecasts and analysis tools will not only help keep your team safe, but help you plan your operation and maintenance activities, and easily identify where damage has occurred


Icing Forecasts and Alerts

Ice accumulation on turbine blades pose significant challenges for wind farm operations and maintenance crews. Forecasts of icing from freezing rain and fog allows you to prepare and take steps to mitigate risk and increase safety.

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Superior Weather Hazard Monitoring

Indji Watch provides you with accurate forecasts using data from the Global Weather Corporation, National Weather Service, NOAA high resolution models and Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network®, and then delivers customized hazard alerts, based on your defined warning thresholds. 

The NEW Plan of Day dashboard visually offers a 24 hour forecast of multiple weather parameters allowing you to be more proactive in mitigating potential impacts to your operation and employee safety. Choose your location(s) and view the display as needed to make intelligent decisions and confidently schedule maintenance and repairs.

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Relationship Modelling

The relationship between your assets, the weather and the impact potential can be complex.  Indji Watch utilized patented capabilities (U.S. Patent 10,089,854) which allow you to create intelligent business rules that will monitor your assets and trigger an alert when the weather's impact will exceed thresholds you define.  Indji Watch's methods are unique to the industry where your entire asset is monitored and not just reference points on a map.

Post Event Analytic Capabilities

Lightning strikes to turbine blades can lead to degradation of the blades over time. The Indji Watch Lightning Fault Analyst will tell you if lightning occurred near your wind turbines, the distance between the strike and the turbine, the time the strike occurred and the strike amplitude. Daily reports provide an easy way of keeping track of which turbines have been struck repeatedly over time, helping you find damage early so you can make repairs before they become costly.

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See For Yourself!

Indji Watch for Wind Farm Operations is an easy-to-use system that delivers more accurate lightning alerts, capitalizes on new technology with high-resolution model forecasts and gives you an interface that allows for quick, intelligent decisions. Let us show you how Indji Watch can improve safety and your bottom line. Schedule a demonstration with us today!

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