2020  Indji Watch
User Group Meeting

Tom Ham's Lighthouse Restaurant

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2020 Indji Watch User Group Meeting Key Agenda Items

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Friday February 28, 2020


Forecast Lightning: Results from the 2019 season

At the beginning of the 2019 storm season, we released our new Forecast Lightning display as part of the Plan of Day. We have done some post-season analysis on how well lighting activity was forecast at customer wind farms across the United States. We will present these results and our plans for the 2020 season. We will also be keen to hear feedback from customers in how the forecast lighting worked at your sites. 

Wildfire Enhancements

We are planning to make some significant enhancements to how we handle wildfire information in Indji Watch. We also plan to add functionality that will allow you to better share information on wildfires within your organization and potentially even across organizations. We will present our current plans and gather any additional input we may not have captured to date.  

A Dense Network of Quality Weather Stations

We are adding a significant number of additional weather stations to Indji Watch. This will provide you with significantly improved awareness of local conditions across your service territory. The new weather stations we are adding to Indji Watch are not consumer-grade instruments. These are weather stations owned by state and federal agencies and also electrical utilities like SDG&E, SCE and PG&E. We will discuss how data from these new stations could also be used for alerting or post-incident fault analysis.

Ice Accumulation Panel Discussion

We launched our new forecast ice accumulation monitoring rules in time for this winter. This panel discussion will look at how well the current monitoring rules have worked in real situations this winter. The panel will also explore areas for future improvement.

Event information

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The 2020 User Group Meeting will be held Friday February 28 at the beautiful Tom Ham's Lighthouse restaurant overlooking the harbor and only minutes away from the San Diego airport. We have secured the private dining room for our event. Breakfast,  Lunch, Beverages and Snacks will be provided.

Meeting time will be from 8:00am to approximately 3:30pm.

Indji Systems will provide a shuttle from the Del Coronado hotel to the restaurant. The time and exact pickup location information will be communicated closer to the event date. For those who are extending their stay at the Del Coronado, we will provide a shuttle back to the hotel. For those leaving directly after the meeting, you will need to procure transportation to the airport which is located only five minutes away.

For those who are driving, Tom's offers ample free parking.

Unlike previous years, where the event was hosted at the Loews resort, we do not have a hotel stay option with a discounted rate for 2020. Be sure to check area hotels and book early for the best prices. 


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