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Indji Watch Utilities Edition provides superior awareness of significant weather events, helping you to maintain grid stability and safely and efficiently plan operation and maintenance activities.

Transmission Operators make critical decisions in real time—decisions with cascading effects throughout the company and service territory. We believe a utility should be alerted based on real-time weather and other natural hazards (wild fires, lightning, earthquakes and flooding) that directly impact their lines, feeders, substations and generation facilities. Indji Watch utilizes patented rules based on algorithms designed to alert on dynamic hazards directly impacting specific utility assets. Indji Watch empowers utilities to help their employees operate more safely and efficiently.

Indji Watch is the only solution that combines wildfire data from multiple sources including satellites, local, nationwide, private and governmental agencies, and alerts you to wildfires threatening your assets.​

You not only receive threat alerts based on a proximity you choose, but we also provide the distance the fire is from each of your assets. Automated alerts will update as frequently as every five minutes, and update on changes in the fire status. 


Combined with wind, precipitation and other forecast data, Indji Watch arms you with real-time information to make informed decisions regarding wildfire threats.

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Superior Weather Hazard Monitoring

Indji Watch provides you with accurate forecasts using data from the Global Weather Corporation, National Weather Service, NOAA high resolution models and Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network®, and then delivers customized warning alerts, based on your defined warning thresholds. You can choose to receive desktop, email or text notifications when new threats appear so you and your team in the field have the right information to make informed decisions and stay safe. Receive only the asset threat alerts that are important to you based on customized monitoring rules that you define.

Early Detection of Ice Accumulation and High Winds

Ice on lines is not only dangerous to work crews, but may also be the source of downed lines and power outages. Combined with high winds, the problems can be even more severe. Keeping crews safe and avoiding power outages during an icing or high wind event means having insite into upcoming weather before it becomes an issue. Indji Watch can provide critcal insite into future weather events so you have the information to make smart choices.

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River Flood Monitoring and Alerting

With winter fading and rivers swelling in many parts of the country, Indji Systems wants to let you know that river flood monitoring and alerting is available in the Indji Watch product.


River flood monitoring has been valuable to our customers in HP Gas Operations, Transmission and Distribution who are interested in alerting based on the closest vulnerable assets. The asset specific alerts by Indji Watch give extra time for field crews to sand bag substations and protect vulnerable equipment, or for operations personnel to determine if functions should be diverted  from at-risk substations, and erosion prone foundations for power structures, microwave towers, HP Gas valves and HP Gas pipelines.

Asset Threat Window

Our highly detailed maps show current threats in relation to each asset, not just weather on a map, and our Asset Threat Window provides a single view of each of your assets, the type of threat and distance to your asset. You choose the hazard warnings you want to see that are critical to your business. The threat window is easily sortable, allowing you to focus on a specific asset or threat type, helping you quickly identify threats to grid stability and avoid outages.

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Post Event Analytic Capabilities

Indji Watch is the only solution on the market that can not only tell you if there was lightning near your lines or sub-stations, but can also tell you the distance between where the strike occurred and your asset. The Lightning Fault Analyst makes it easy to quickly correlate if lightning occurred near your sub-station or line at the time a fault was identified, so you can save time directing maintenance crews to a specific location, instead of manually searching for the strike location.

See For Yourself!

Indji Watch for Utilities is an easy-to-use system that delivers accurate lightning alerts, capitalizes on new technology with high-resolution model forecasts and gives you an interface that allows for quick, intelligent decisions. Let us show you how Indji Watch can improve safety and your bottom line. Schedule a demonstration with us today!


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