Wildfire Season is Here. Are you prepared?

Indji Watch can help.

Fire season is heating up. When you need real-time access to accurate and detailed wildfire data, use the solution chosen by grid operators in fire prone areas. Indji Watch uses its patented system to actively monitor satellite hot spots and a variety of state and federal resources to plot wildfires and alert operators to fires specifically approaching their transmissions lines and other utility assets.

Indji Watch offers Transmission System Operators:

  • The ability to see satellite hot spots updated every five minutes
  • Visibility to the highest quality federal, state and local agency updates to wildfire locations and data
  • Dashboard and Mobile alerts when wildfires are within a user selected distance to transmission lines
  • Hourly updated high wind, extreme temperature and other forecast data
  • Indji Watch’s patented monitoring and alerting system for forecasted extreme winds and temperatures

“Fires start small and escalate. Indji Watch notifies our operators early so we can evaluate contingencies and communicate action plans well before equipment fails or is taken out of service.” – Brian Murray, Grid Operations, California ISO

Let Indji Watch help you make informed decisions regarding wildfire threats with real-time information.

See how Indji Watch can help you respond to approaching wildfires and mitigate the impact.

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