Monitoring and Alerting for Utilities

Post lightning analysis.

If you work in the utility industry, you know lightning can cause major damage and disruption. Lightning strikes can cause a line fault, damage equipment and injure personnel working on a line. Indji Watch is a situational awareness tool which allows you to see exactly which lines and substations are under threat. It will allow you to respond more quickly to protect the grid, protect personnel and reduce outages.

Indji Systems partners with Vaisala, who owns the National Lightning Detection Network, to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date storm and lightning data. With strike accuracy within 100-150 meters, you can pinpoint fault locations quickly, determine if a line can be safely reclosed, thereby preventing potential equipment damage, and more efficiently schedule your outage response teams.

The Indji Watch Lightning Fault Analyst tool is the only solution on the market that, within seconds, can provide you with forensic lightning data directly related to your assets giving you the ability to:

  • Identify lightning strikes which occurred near your lines, substations or structures
  • Give you the distance between where the strike occurred and your asset
  • Save you time directing crews to a specific location instead of manually searching for the strike location

See how Indji Watch can help you respond to active lightning activity and assess post storm damage.

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