Stay Ahead of Flood Season With River Flow Alerting


Thaw in the spring from winter snow as heavy rains impacting soil, can lead to river swelling and flooding. Overflowing rivers can cause erosion around pipelines and poles as well as substation flooding, leading to asset damage and outages for HP Gas and Electric T&D operations. Indji Systems offers river flow monitoring and alerting with the Indji Watch solution to help utilities plan and respond quickly to flooding threats .

River flood monitoring and alerting has been valuable to High Pressure (HP) Gas Operations, Electric Transmission and Distribution customers interested in alerting based on the closest vulnerable assets. The asset specific alerts give extra time for field crews and operations personnel :

  • Sand bag substations 
  • Protect vulnerable equipment
  • Divert functions from at-risk substations, power structures, microwave towers, HP Gas valves and HP Gas pipelines to other assets

See how Indji Watch monitoring and alerting for river flooding can help you with asset protection before flooding causes damage.

See how Indji Watch can help you prepare for river flooding and mitigate the impact to your assets.

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