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Over 450 Renewable Energy Farms or assets Monitored by Indji Watch worldwide

Wind farm maintenance can be dangerous work. If lightning or high winds are approaching, early warning is critical to team safety. Indji Watch is the only cloud-based, patented, hazard alerting solution designed for Wind Farm Operations, using GIS mapping technology. We gather weather data from trusted sources that could potentially impact Wind and Solar farms - automatically sending alerts of any approaching threats. In addition to viewing Indji Watch hazard alerts on a tablet or desktop, they can also be sent to a smartphone, so even field crews receive the latest information. With our advanced online real-time interactive maps, your business will have full situational awareness of your farms, each turbine and all current weather-related threats.

Specifically Designed for Wind Farm Operations

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Indji Watch was built from the ground up for wind farm operations. All content and capabilities were designed with your needs in mind. We understand wind farms are not points on a map and farms may stretch for 10 to 20 miles in distance. To effectively protect employees and assets you need to be able to monitor your entire wind farm and not just a point on the farm. Indji Watch is the only system in the industry that allows you to monitor the exact full aerial footprint of your farm and deliver customized, patented alerts based on your wind or solar farm and the assets within it.


You’re on the go frequently and rarely behind a desk, that’s why Indji Watch for Wind Farm Operations offers an easy-to-use interface across desktops, tablets and smartphones, for on-the-go updates. Our highly detailed maps show current threats in relation to your assets, and with the Indji Watch real-time dashboard, you have a complete view of each type of threat impacting your assets in one, convenient window. This allows you to immediately assess the situation, make an informed decision and return to your job – no more time wasted searching for information you need to make an important decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Insights

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Indji Watch is the only solution that can monitor a full spectrum of hazards including: lightning, high winds, wildfires, temperature extremes, ice accumulation, floods, earthquakes and much more, and then alert you in real-time to those that will impact your assets..

Indji Watch uses cutting edge resources to allow you to view content and data not available in other systems. Indji Watch clients can view forecast radar data, including lightning, overlaid on a map with your assets, using the advanced High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model from NOAA. The NEW Plan of Day dashboard visually offers a 24 hour forecast of multiple weather parameters allowing you to be more proactive in mitigating potential impacts to your operation and employee safety. Choose your location and view the display as needed. Data is updated automatically every hour. Check many sites seamlessly to make intelligent decisions and confidently schedule maintenance and repairs.

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Advanced Warning for Better Decisions

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When your maintenance team is often 80 meters or more off the ground, you need to have advance warning of approaching high winds or lightning near your turbines to allow them adequate time to stop work and reach the ground safely. Having insight into upcoming weather hazards will help you make informed decisions when planning your maintenance schedule.

Indji Watch gives you the ability to set high wind thresholds that will alert your team if these thresholds are going to be exceeded in the next few hours or even 48 hours in advance. Additionally, Indji Watch can alert you to high winds at your turbine height as well as at ground level giving you a more accurate view of winds for the turbines on each specific farm.

Customize your monitoring rules for each farm and only receive the alert notifications that exceed your threat thresholds.

Lightning Awareness and Post-event Analysis

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Each lightning strike to a turbine blade can lead to degradation over time, and turbines in high lightning frequency areas have a greater chance of being struck repetitively. Having a good lightning awareness tool when a lightning event is happening in real-time, will allow you to see the impact of the event on your assets, giving you an early assessment of the severity of the event.

After the event you can quickly and efficiently locate damaged blades with the Lightning Fault Analyst. Through easy analysis you can tell the strength, or amplitude in kiloamps (kA), of the lightning strike, the time the strike occurred, if there was lightning near your wind turbines and the distance between where the strike occurred and your turbine. The Lightning Fault Analyst makes it easy to find and address blade damage and allow you to make informed decisions and address issues before the minor repair becomes a major costly repair.

White paper: Lightning Strikes to Wind Turbines and the Financial Impact

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Early Detection of Ice Events

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The accumulation of ice on wind turbines, in particular the blades, can pose significant problems to wind farms. These problems can be both financial and safety related. Indji Watch will help you with preparedness and mitigation of ice accumulation before and after the ice event.


Hourly forecast updates in Indji Watch will help you detect upcoming hazardous ice events including precipitation type, ice accumulation near surface, ice accumulation elevated, temperature, dew point and precipitation probability. Early knowledge of a significant ice event may result in early shut down of turbines to lessen the total ice accumulation, allowing the turbines to return to full production status soon after the event has past. Having an awareness of a potential ice event can help reduce safety risks and mitigate ice accumulation before and after the event.

White Paper: Understanding Ice Accumulation to Wind Turbines

White Paper: 2019 Blizzard Impact to the Wind Industry

Infographic: Types of Ice Accumulation

Data You Can Trust

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The Indji Watch solution partners with and provides data from the most trusted and highly reliable sources to provide you with the most accurate real-time weather, weather related events and forecasts.

Our lightning partner Vaisala's U.S. National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN) is the most scientifically accurate and reliable lightning information system, monitoring cloud-to-ground lightning activity across the continental United States and Canada. Vaisala's Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 service provides real-time lightning data for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather generated by a world-wide lightning detection sensor network.


Global Weather Corporation forecasts and models use proprietary technology to deliver real-time weather forecasts and model data based on core technologies developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and has been proven to deliver the highest level of accuracy.


NOAA provides the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), a real-time 3-km resolution, hourly updated, cloud-resolving, convection-allowing atmospheric model which Indji Watch for forecasting critical hazard potential across the US.


BLIDS, the lightning information service of Siemens, owns and operates a precision lightning detection network across western Europe. Their network operates using the Vaisala hardware. BLIDS uses more than 155 connected measuring stations in Europe and is accurate up to 100 m.

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“The icing forecast was useful in monitoring potential upcoming icing events and successfully predicted various events throughout the season. It provided additional value to our pre-existing forecast methods.” 


Katie Wunsch, Meteorologist, Pattern Energy

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