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Our History

Indji Systems began as a software product business building online mapping solutions in 2005. In 2008, we released Indji Watch - an environmental monitoring and threat alerting service for electrical utilities. By 2009 we were monitoring the entire connected Australian electrical transmission network and by 2010 had launched Indji Watch in North America.

Indji Systems has grown into the premier asset monitoring solution in North America with offices in California and Western Australia. We make and sell critical solutions for utilities and the renewable energy sector worldwide. 

A program of continuous improvement in our products is supported by reinvestment of over 30% of company revenue and forms the foundation for our commitment to delivering “real” value to customers, their stakeholders and communities.

Our name 'Indji' is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning, appropriately, "close to".

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Adam Hender

Chief Executive Officer adam.hender@indji.net

Chuck Parker

Vice President & Utility Development- Americas chuck.parker@indji.net

Sue McInnes

Chief Financial Officer sue.mcinnes@indji.net

Marty McKewon

Director of Renewable Energy Industry marty.mckewon@indji.net

Mark Carniello

Indji Watch Product Manager mark.carniello@indji.net

Shelly Carothers

Marketing Specialist shelly.carothers@indji.net

Fernando Cosa

Software Development Manager fernando.cosa@indji.net

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