Utility Networks

Weather threat approaching utility area

Natural Hazards to Utility Operations

The patented Indji Watch situational awareness for utility operations will give your control center and field personal the information they need to operate safely and efficiently.

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Icing on utility assets

Icing Impacts to Grid Operations

Understanding types of icing and having an accurate monitoring, forecasting and alerting tool can help your team mitigate the impacts of icing and operate safely during an icing event.

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Lightning threat to utility structures

Lightning Monitoring and Response

Understanding lightning and how it will impact the grid is critical for grid operator decisions. Lightning forensic data will give you early correlation for outage location response.

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Approaching wildfire threat

Wildfire Monitoring and Response

Wildfires change quickly. Having real-time data from multiple local, state and federal agencies will provide you with the information needed to make quick, informed decisions.

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Lineman Safety, Grid Construction, Maintenance Planning

Understanding weather hazards is as important to team safety as knowing a weather hazard is approaching. Learn to operate safely during a lighting threat and maximize productivity.

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