Wind turbine icing

Icing Impacts on Wind Turbines

Understanding types of icing and having an accurate monitoring, forecasting and alerting tool can help your team mitigate the impacts of icing and develop an effective Ice operations strategy.

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Lightning damage to turbine blade

Forensic Lightning Analysis

Knowing that lightning is approaching is critical to team safety. Also critically important is access to forensic lightning data to investigate potential impacts to your assets. Historical lightning data will help you confirm damage and provide you data to support insurance claims.

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Wind and solar farm

Weather Monitoring for Wind Energy

The patented Indji Watch situational awareness solution for wind and solar operations will give your control center and field personal the information they need to operate safely and efficiently.

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Wind turbine maintenance

Weather Driven Maintenance Planning

At-a-glance weather dashboards for the next 24 hours and the upcoming week, that are customized to your business, will help you easily understand incoming weather hazards and quickly and safely plan repairs and maintenance confidently.

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Wind technician safety

Wind Farm Technician Safety

Early awareness of weather hazards is as important to team safety as knowing a weather threat is imminent. Learn to operate safely during lighting and other threats and maximize productivity.

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