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Decision Support for Asset Inspections

Using Web Services for Decision Support


Lightning can cause major damage to turbine blades and even weaker, repetitive strikes can lead to blade degradation over time. Having post-storm and historical lightning analysis will help you spot trends and make smart decisions.

Lightning at wind farm - night

Lightning Fault Analyst


A significant storm has rolled through. You need to know if any of your turbines took a direct hit by lightning. Using the Lightning Fault Analyst tool, you can quickly select all or specific turbines and plot lightning data for a specific period of time.

Lightning damage to turbine blade

5 Easy Steps for Conducting a Lightning Fault Analysis


Conducting a post lightning event analysis is an important step in locating possible turbine damage quickly, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Choosing single or multiple assets, the date and time the lightning event occurred and a time window will give you all the data you need to determine where to send crews for inspections.. 

Lightning threat to wind turbine