Natural Hazards to Utility Systems

Weathering the Storm

Utility lines span hundreds of miles. Knowing a storm is approaching and if it will impact your assets is critical to grid stability. Having alerts on natural hazards based on your assets will help you make informed decisions to keep the grid up and running.

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Lightning storm over utility assets


Patented Technology

When it comes to accurately monitoring and alerting on weather threats that may impact your lines, substations or team safety, you want a patented system that is tailored to your organization and maps your grid assets precisely.

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patent infographic


Situational Awareness

Utility operations need the ability to configure hazard data sources which provide situational awareness on events that may be unique to your region. A system that evaluates threats to operations and sends alerts for active and upcoming threats.

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Damage due to high winds


Forecasts Where You Need Them

Utility and gas transmission operations should have access to the most accurate real-time forecasting data available, giving you the ability to plan ahead for severe weather threats.

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Ice and snow on utility lines