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Indji Watch

Renewable Edition


Weather threat approaching wind farm

Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

The Indji Watch subscription based software is an essential safety tool for wind and solar operations, delivering automated real-time natural hazard monitoring, threat assessment and alerting. We provide operations personnel greater awareness of weather hazards that could impact day-to-day operations causing delays in scheduled work or site performance.

Patented Excellence

The unique patented system provides dynamic modelling of hazards enabling the identification of weather threats to assets. Wind and solar assets are precisely identified in contrast to other systems which only alert based on a handful of points within the wind or solar farm.

wind and solar farm at dusk
Wind and Solar farms monitored
Farms monitored for forecast icing
Turbines checked for lightning strikes
Ocean wind farm

Informed Decisions

With a focus on enabling fast, intelligent decisions, the automated weather alerts via text, tablet or desktop, were designed specifically to assist and support day-to-day operations and maintenance scheduling.

Team members will also have access to post-storm lightning impact assessment tools which have proven to be invaluable to efficient inspections for damage and provision of insurance claims.

Indji Watch Solution for Wind and Solar Operations

Wind, solar and offshore renewable energy farms are continuing to grow in size with some stretching 20 miles or more in distance. Indji Watch is the only system that allows you to monitor the full aerial footprint of your farm.

As the industry grows and competition increases, the drive to increase efficiency and productivity of your renewable energy assets continues. You need tools that help you achieve those objectives.

 Our hourly updated dashboards make it easy to quickly identify rapidly changing weather at-a-glance giving you the ability to mitigate potential impacts to your operation.



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