Indji Watch On-Site Lightning Advisor

Lightning data in the palm of your hand

New Lightning Proximity to Technician Feature

Technicians are on the go and once they leave the O&M building, they need to have critical weather information readily available. When there is a threat of a storm you want your employees aware of the situation and the On-Site Lightning Advisor in the mobile app will instantly tell the technician how close the nearest lightning strike is to THEIR location. With new updates every minute fresh lightning information is always available allowing the technician to cease working if needed or depending on their location at the site, continue safely working and finish the job. With On-Site Lightning Advisor your employees stay safe and productivity is maximized.

Wherever you are, your smart phone or tablet is your link to Indji Watch and critical weather information. Indji Watch mobile will keep your employees safe and help your organization maximize productivity on the job site. A solution that will keep all parties happy.

Learn how the Indji Watch On-Site Lightning Advisor can help you stay safe out in the field.

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