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5 Easy Steps to Conducting a Post Lightning Event Analysis

Indji Watch is the most effective solution on the market for telling you if there was lightning within your wind farm. It can also tell you the distance between where the strike occurred and each turbine. The Lightning Fault Analyst makes it easy to quickly correlate if lightning occurred near a turbine, so you can save time directing maintenance crews to a specific location, instead of manually searching for the strike location.

In just 5 easy steps, you can identify if and where a strike occurred, saving you time in locating potential damage to an asset.

  1. From Indji Watch, open the Lightning Fault Analyst from the upper left navigation menu.

  2. Select each Asset you would like to conduct an analysis on—you may choose as many assets from drop down as you need.

  3. Select the date and time the lightning event occurred at your site to narrow down the search area.

  4. Select a Time Window for the date and time provided in step 3 in hours, minutes or days–This will allow you to see lightning data in relation to your asset, that occurred in that Time Window.

  5. Select Go.
Lightning strike at wind farm
Lightning in relation to wind turbine

The lightning strikes are displayed as a table under the chosen parameters, giving you the exact time the strike occurred, the strike amplitude in kA and the polarity of the strike. The lightning strikes are also displayed in blue on the right of your screen in relationship to the assets you have chosen. (Fig 1) By default, the table of results is ordered by time. You can change the sort order by clicking on the appropriate column header. To zoom to a strike on the map, just double-click on an entry in the table. To highlight a strike on the map and display the 99% confidence error ellipse (Fig 2), just click once on the strike entry in the table. The measuring tool will let you check the distance between the strike and your asset.

To supplement this powerful visual tool, Indji Watch can also deliver a daily lighting report to your inbox every morning. This report lists your assets that were impacted by lightning in the last 24 hours along with all the details you need for making an inspection decision or filing insur­ance claims. The Daily Lightning Report will become a running history of all strikes that could have impacted your turbines.

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