Indji Watch visits Longroad Cascade Solar Site

At Indji Systems we put a high priority on understanding our client's business challenges when it comes to weather.  Indji Watch Product Manager, Mark Carniello has literally traveled the globe meeting with customers in person to gain feedback and insight on how they are using Indji Watch in their operations.  From wind farms in France to utilities in Australia, and right down to a wind farm in southern Oklahoma, Mark has spent time in the field learning how Indji Watch can best meet the customer's needs.  Indji Systems Chief Meteorologist Marty McKewon has done much of the same but his approach focuses more on discussing significant weather events that have a major impact on the business.  In this meeting with Longroad Energy the focus was on extreme heat and high winds that are common in the Southern California desert and the impact that has on employees working onsite. Other meetings with the solar industry that Marty's been involved with have focused on the effects of extreme hail impacts.
At Indji Systems we walk in our customer's shoes and hear directly from them what is working and where they could use further help.  The goal being to help them mitigate weather impacts, operate more safely and maximize efficiencies and productivity at the job site.


Longroad_Cascade solar site_Marty