Lightning Forensic tools from Indji Watch


Lightning strikes can cause a fault on a line, damage equipment, injure line workers maintaining a line, and may cause outages. Having a good situational awareness tool will allow you to understand which parts of your electric grid will be impacted by lightning, and will allow you to verify lightning as the suspected cause of a momentary or sustained outage, and even the cause of a wildfire near your assets.

Indji Watch is the only solution on the market that can alert you if there was lightning near specific lines or sub-stations, but can also immediately tell you the amperage of the lightning event, distance between where the strike occurred and your asset, and the best areas to inspect for damage. The Lightning Fault Analyst tool makes it easy to quickly correlate if lightning occurred near your sub-station or line at the time a fault was identified. Indji Watch takes this a step further with the Distance to Fault locator, allowing you to quickly geolocate along your conductors, any known fault by the distances provided from relays or Digital Fault Recorders so you can save time directing maintenance crews to a specific location, instead of conducting a time-consuming search for the strike location.

Indji Systems partners with Vaisala, who owns the National Lightning Detection Network and operates the Canadian Lightning Detection Network, to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date storm and lightning data. The location accuracy has improved over the years and now plotting of the strikes can be accurate to within 100-150 meters, helping pinpoint fault locations quickly, determine if a line can be safely reclosed, thereby preventing potential equipment damage or fires and more efficiently schedule your outage response teams.

For customers who track lightning data internally, Indji Watch offers access to current threat information in raw data via the Indji Watch Threat Web Service. This option lets users incorporate all active threats, including lightning and wildfires impacting the grid, into internal systems. Whether the data is incorporated into your Energy Management System, or internal GIS applications, Indji Watch provides focused data directly impacting the grid assets.

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