Don't Be Caught Out In The Cold

Early detection of ice accumulation.

Ice accumulation and frost on power lines during the winter season can pose significant issues for utilities and their maintenance crews. When combined with high winds, the threat can become serious. Crews working near these lines risk being struck by falling ice or nearby vegetation. High winds may cause ice laden lines to gallop, and if the wind is extreme, the galloping lines may collide causing faults, downed lines, possible equipment damage or power outages.

Having a tool that alerts your team to extreme temperatures, ice accumulation and high winds will allow you to be proactive in your decisions to pre-position material or teams in the field or de-energize a line before equipment is damaged or downed lines pose a safety risk.

Indji Watch offers Transmission System Operators:

  • Ice accumulation and high wind alerting with customized thresholds
  • Hourly updated icing, high wind, extreme temperature and other forecast data
  • Indji Watch’s patented monitoring and alerting system for weather threats specific to your assets

See how Indji Watch can help you with system and maintenance planning before ice and wind cause damage.

See how Indji Watch can help you respond to cold, ice and high wind conditions to mitigate the impact to your operation.

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