Utility Solutions for Severe Storms and Lightning


Intense storms and lightning can wreak havoc with electric utility organizations causing power outages, damage to equipment and pose a safety risk to work crews, so greater preparation for storms and alerting for threats directly impacting the grid are essential.  

With the Indji Watch advanced forecast radar and forecast lightning animation tools, you can monitor storms and potential lightning, predicted for the upcoming eight hours, in relation to each of your assets.

The Asset Threat Window provides a single, live view of each utility asset under threat, the type of threat, and distance to the asset. You can focus on specific assets under threat and choose the hazard, such as lightning, you would like to see.

Use the Lightning Fault Analyst to quickly correlate if lightning occurred near your sub-station or line at the time a fault was identified, so you can save time directing maintenance crews to a specific location, instead of broadly searching for the strike location. 

Indji Watch empowers utility users to:

  • Plan with the advanced Forecast Radar and Forecast Lightning for assessing potential weather approaching the grid and the Indji Watch Point Forecasts which allow you to select asset specific alert thresholds for extreme winds and temperatures up to the next 48 hours
  • Respond using the Asset Threat Window to view current threats impacting your transmission lines and assets
  • Investigate with the Lightning Fault Analyst and Distance to Fault tools for early lightning correlation and outage location response

See how Indji Watch can help you prepare for lightning and mitigate the impact to your operation.

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