Indji Watch the selected service to provide monitoring and alerting for the Vineyard wind farm

The eagerly anticipated Vineyard Wind 1 project, currently in progress, marks a historic milestone as it deploys the largest turbine being used in the western hemisphere. Read more about this exciting project.

The remarkable engineering achievements behind these wind farms come with their fair share of challenges. Inclement weather, including lightning, strong winds, turbulent seas, ice, and other natural hazards, pose substantial obstacles during the construction and maintenance of these colossal turbines. Having precise and advanced notifications of impending severe weather conditions becomes paramount for ensuring safety and making informed decisions regarding turbine operations.

Indji Systems is excited to be providing the Indji Watch monitoring and alerting system for the Vineyard Wind project. Indji Watch will be an essential tool in monitoring real-time weather conditions and issuing alerts for dangerous weather conditions at sea. From lightning, to Nor’easters to hurricanes there is no shortage of extreme weather.

When the current weather is not threatening, operational personnel will be using hour by hour forecasts that cover the next two weeks to identify favorable conditions for maintenance work. Or avoid periods where wave heights and high winds create hazardous working conditions.

Investigating historical weather events, especially lightning, will also be important. The GE Haliade- X turbines at Vineyard Wind will measure 260 meters in height making it the tallest operational turbine in North America. With that exceptional height comes an increased risk of lightning strikes to blades. The Indji Watch Lightning Damage Analyst tool will identify likely strike events to turbines and provide critical information on the event allowing for decisions about inspecting the blades. Early identification of damage can significantly lower repair costs.

The building and eventual operation of Vineyard Wind 1 is a pioneering event for the offshore wind industry in North America. Indji Systems is proud to be supporting such a historic milestone and supporting the safe and successful operation of the site.