A Patented Difference

Indji Watch Renewable Energy edition from Indji Systems offers renewable energy operators a solution that monitors natural hazards and sends alerts based on their user defined parameters, allowing them to make informed decisions. The technology designed by Indji Systems is an innovative cloud-based monitoring tool that enables wind and solar operations to increase their level of preparedness and react more proactively to all natural weather hazards currently or potentially impacting their assets. Knowing what natural hazards are in the general area is surpassed by knowing exactly which of the assets are actually under threat.

The patent covers the core technologies used in the Indji Watch cloud service including the dynamic modeling of assets and hazards from sensor networks, the ability to define complex rules for threat relationships between them and the real-time monitoring of threats to raise automated alerts for customers.

The patented technologies can be applied to all types of hazards. They are used to create models for a multitude of different weather-based hazards such as lightning, high winds, flooding, earthquakes and wildfires, drawing from multiple different sources. These tech­nologies enable Indji Watch the distinction of being the only cloud-based service able to offer multi-source integrated wildfire alerting.

patent infogrpahic


Customer assets are similarly modeled in sufficient detail to pre­cisely identify threats posed to wind and solar farms. This is in contrast to modeling a single point on a farm. Indji’s detailed hazard and asset models enable powerful multi-parameter rules to be defined that exactly identify threats. Further, patented technol­ogies enable precise alerts to be raised to stakeholders, delivered with timely efficiency, noise reduced and clarity emphasized.