Intelligent Maintenance Planning

Each day at a wind farm there is maintenance or repairs being performed by your staff. By the nature of your business, that work is often performed outdoors placing you at the mercy of the weather. The Indji Watch SaaS product allows you to customize the weather driven thresholds that impact your business so intelligent, actionable forecasts and alerts can be delivered to your staff.

Each job has certain weather conditions that must be present for the work to happen. Wind speeds over a certain value will prohibit crane work. Heat indexes of a certain value or wind chills that are very low will require staff to take extra precautions and breaks to remain productive and safe. And lightning events within a certain distance must be identified in advance so workers can stop working and proceed to a safe location.

To operate at peak efficiency, you must be able to plan around high wind days or extreme temperatures. In the winter, you need to know when ice will accumulate and how long it may stick around. Indji Watch allows you to set custom thresholds per site because the weather is not created equal everywhere. By fine tuning your thresholds you can manage the Indji Watch alerts you receive so they only arrive when it matters which allowing you to then update your plan.

 Equally important is managing the costs and expenses of your site. No one wants a crane sitting idle onsite for two days because the wind is too strong and you’re still on the hook for paying them, or having that blade contracting crew show up on Wednesday when the next three days will contain frequent storms and plenty of down tower time. By setting intelligent thresholds and actively monitoring Indji Watch alerts and forecasts, you’ll be on top of weather events that could increase your costs and drain your profits.

 Indji Systems and the Indji Watch solution are there for your needs and to help you run a more efficient operation. You’ll have the tool you need to help you schedule more efficiently, resulting in more accurate and intelligent decisions that’ll have you running your site at peak performance.

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