Using Web Services for Decision Support

Indji systems can deliver a web service which allows you to take raw forecast and threat data and integrate this valuable information in a digital format to your internal systems and processes.

While the Indji Watch solution provides visualization tools to plot historical lightning data we also provide the option for customers to access current lightning threat information as raw data via the Indji Watch Threats Web Service. This option lets you incorporate a live feed of active Indji Watch lightning threats into internal systems (e.g. EMS). With access to the Threat Web service feed you’ll have access to all vital lightning data such as time of the event, latitude and longitude, amplitude and much more. The threat data for lightning will only contain relevant lightning events that could have struck an important asset such as a wind turbine or substation.

Equally as important, with this web service you’ll be able to capture a historical archive of all lightning events impacting your assets which can help in processing insurance claims, resolving vendor disputes and identifying trends in frequently impacted assets. The digitalization of data is a big movement in the renewable energy industry and the Threat Web Service from Indji Systems can be a key component in your efforts to leverage critical data for smarter and more accurate decisions.

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