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Threat Awareness

The Indji Watch Utility Edition is a cloud-based risk mitigation tool designed specifically to aid utility grid operators  by giving them greater insights into environmental threats approaching their assets. Indi Watch allows the operator to be proactive in making better informed decisions on natural hazards that threaten their utility operations.

The unique patented system provides dynamic modelling of hazards enabling the identification of weather threats to assets. Utility assets, including power lines and sub-stations, are accurately identified in contrast to other systems which only alert based on a handful of points within the utility network. Indji Watch provides the operations personnel greater visibility into weather threats and allows them to quickly identify which assets are under threat.

Team members can choose to receive threat alerts via their mobile device, tablet or desktop device with no license restrictions.

Team Safety and Real-Time Monitoring

Indji Watch is an essential safety tool for wind farms, delivering automated real-time natural hazard monitoring, threat assessment and alerting. We provide operations personnel greater awareness of weather hazards that could impact day-to-day operations causing delays in scheduled work or site performance.

The unique patented system provides dynamic modelling of hazards enabling the identification of weather threats to assets. Wind farm and solar assets are precisely identified in contrast to other systems which only alert based on a handful of points within the wind or solar farm.

With a focus on enabling fast, intelligent decisions, the automated weather alerts via text, tablet or desktop, were designed specifically to assist and support day-to-day operations and maintenance scheduling.

Team members will also have access to post-storm lightning impact assessment tools which have proven to be invaluable to efficient inspections for damage and provision of insurance claims.



Fight Back Against Icing Impacts This Winter

October 12, 2020

While no one can stop the weather from happening, you can do more to lessen the impact of icing events on wind farm operations. To do that you need a process or plan to address and mitigate the impacts. From the early identification of the event, to planning and preparation steps to the recovery after the event ends, this webinar will help you be on your way to dealing more successfully with icing impacts to your operations. 

Amerian Wind Week 2020

August 05, 2020

Indji Systems supports American Wind Week August 9-15, 2020! AWEA’s fourth annual week-long celebration of windpower will showcase how wind is building a future powered by clean energy. 

Virginia Offshore Wind Project Moves Forward

May 07, 2020

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind wind pilot project that was announced more than two years ago is underway with the shipment of turbine components and monopiles from Germany. Indji Systems is excited to be part of this project which is the first to have successfully passed all phases of BOEM approval. Once the turbines are installed, Indji Watch will monitor and alert on hazardous weather such as lightning and high winds, allowing crews to make informed decisions to maximize production and safety.

COVID-19 Update

March 14, 2020

Update on our actions and policies in response to the global crisis.

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"In my opinion, they are the best value when looking at features, benefit for use with operations, and fair pricing."

Ron Fialk

Manager, Remote Operations Center

“The icing forecast was useful in monitoring potential upcoming icing events and successfully predicted various events throughout the season. It provided additional value to our pre-existing forecast methods.”

Katie Wunsch

Meteorologist, Pattern Energy

The faster identification of potential lightning damage allows for more prioritized equipment inspections, helping mitigate equipment damage while more effectively utilizing resources.  Indji Systems has worked with us to build of suite of lightning tools and reports that help us operate more efficiently.

Nick Barse

OCC Senior Manager with EDF Renewable Services

With Indji Watch, we went from being reactionary to being proactive in terms of natural events and the threats they pose to the power system. This is a huge plus for our operation.

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Brian Murray

Market Operations Lead with California ISO

Switching over to the Indji system has allowed us to ensure the safety of our personnel and it also eliminated false alarms we saw from lesser systems. Our employees are safer, they trust the warnings they get. and we don’t have needlessly lost work time from false alarms.

John Burkhart

Maintenance Planner with Brookfield Renewable Energy Group

Indji Watch surpasses anything we know on the market in hazard monitoring. It gives me a single view of all threats in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so I can make informed decisions quickly.
We now have a superior solution that is reliable, easy to use and allows us to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

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Neil Smith

Manager Network Operations with TransGrid

Since implementing the Indji Watch solution, our operators have greater awareness of these events.  Not only visually in the web client, but through email and text alerts.  It has helped us be more “weather aware” and ready to address potential issues.

Read about Indji Watch for Solar Farms

Brian Kirtland

Senior Structural Engineer with juwi Inc

From the technical competencies to product improvements to near-real-time support, they have met our expectations and delivered on both product and service.

Bob Szymanski

Director of Operations Technologies, EDF Renewables

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