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At Indji Systems, we believe utility and gas transmission operations should have access to the most accurate real-time forecasting data available, giving you the ability to plan ahead for severe weather threats. With the Indji Watch advanced Forecast Radar and Forecast Lightning, you can see storms and potential lightning predicted for the upcoming eight hours, in relation to each of your assets. Our Forecast Summary provides daily or hourly forecasts for multiple environmental conditions and powers Indji Watch alerts for forecasts of extreme temperatures, high winds and icing events.


Q: What types of forecasting are available?

A: Indji Watch gives you the ability to view the upcoming eight hours of forecast radar and forecast lightning data overlayed on a map with your assets using the advanced High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model from NOAA. Additionally, the Forecast Summary will provide you with a seven-day forecast of multiple weather parameters including temperature, precipitation, wind gusts and ice accumulation among others. This can be viewed daily or hourly for the seven-day time period.


Q: How often is the weather forecast information updated?

A: The weather forecast is updated hourly using the latest weather observations, radar data and model information.


Q: How does Indji Watch incorporate my assets?

A: Indji Watch has a NERC compliant method to receive standard map .shp files directly from your company, so that we can ensure your locations and asset names match your daily operations.


Q: Will Indji Watch show me trends in the weather?

A: Yes. Since the forecast updates every hour it is recommended that you refer back to the forecast several times per day to see how significant weather events are being handled. You can determine if the ice threat is increasing or a high wind event is building.


Q: Does Indji Watch provide tools for maintenance planning?

A: Yes. Since Indji Watch Forecasts are hourly updated and they provide a 7-day view they, so they are valuable for maintenance and construction planning. Our surface and elevated sustained wind and gust forecasts are ideal for planning helicopter, crane and bucket truck use. For same day awareness you can also animate the Indji Watch Forecast Radar and Forecast Lightning tools to determine if severe weather will be a risk to field personnel or equipment.


Q: Can Indji Watch allow me to add or remove assets after I setup the service?

A: Yes. We can work with you to have newly constructed lines and their structures added to Indji watch in days. Likewise, we can remove de-energized lines from your display if you desire.


Q: How many licenses are included in the Indji Watch service?

A: The standard license for an Indji Watch subscription is an Enterprise License for your business group, therefore, there is no concern over license restrictions or service login limitations during times of severe weather. The Enterprise license covers employees whether they are accessing via desktop or mobile device.


Q: Can I add new users to my Indji Watch subscription?

A: Yes. The Account Administrator at your company can add, remove and edit users to your Indji Watch account. There is no limit on the number of employees who can use and receive Indji Watch alerts.


Q: Does Indji Watch provide alerts for expected severe weather?

A: Indji Watch provides alerts for Forecast Extreme Winds, and Forecast Extreme Temperatures if that forecast is expected to meet or exceed thresholds set by the user in the next 48 hours. These forecast locations are chosen by the user, and the user can vary the alert thresholds by location. In addition, Indji Watch can alert for expected ice accumulation at the elevation of conductors up to 72 hours in advance.


Q: Does Indji Watch send me text alerts if there is a weather threat near my lines or substations?

A: Indji Watch can send you text and email alerts when threatening weather is approaching your lines or substations. These can include lightning, extreme winds, extreme teperatures, ice accumulation, wildfires, river flooding, and dozens of Weather Service Alerts. Settings are configurable in the administration page.


Q: Can Indji Watch show me all threats to my grid at one time?

A: Yes. The Threat Alert Window allows you to see a list of each of your assets, the type of threat and distance to your asset. It is easily sortable, allowing you to focus on a specific asset or threat type.


Q: Can I choose what threats I see on the screen?

A: Yes. In the administration page you have the option to choose which threats are actually displayed on the Indji Watch maps.


Q: Does Indji Watch have mobile tools for field personnel safety?

A: Yes, Indji Watch is fully accessible via tablets, ios and android devices, so both forecast and real-time threats are able to be monitored by field personnel and their management. The Indji Watch pateneted monitoring method also alerts line maintenance personnel to lightning along the entire conductor being handled and not just a small radius around the individual. The login credentials are the same as the web client access.


Q: Is there an easy way to see how far away a lightning strike was from my power line?

A: Yes. The Threat Alert Window lists each lightning strike interacting with your lines and its distance to your transmission line. Plus, Indji Watch has a built-in measuring tool that will easily let you measure the distance from a lightning strike to any point on your grid. The tool will allow you to measure the distance between any two points on the map.


Q: Is there a way to see if lightning was the cause of a fault on my line?

A: Yes, the Lightning Fault Analyst tool in Indji Watch will allow you to select a single line or a combination of lines, the approximate recorded fault time, and the time period you want to search. You have the ability to do a historic search up to 72 hours. (Additional time may be added to your contract)


Q: How accurate is the lightning strike information?

A: Indji Systems partners with Vaisala who owns the National Lightning Detection Network. The location accuracy continues to advance over the years and now plotting of the strikes can be accurate to within 100-150 meters in North America.

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