Wildfire Situational Awareness for Grid Operations

At Indji Systems, we believe that having a situational awareness system isn’t enough. Utility and HP gas transmission operators need a tool that gives them the power to set the wildfire and weather alert thresholds that make sense for their operation, based on the location of each of their assets. Wildfires, high winds and other weather conditions change quickly, so in addition to control system operators monitoring threats and alerts in the control center, field crews need access to alerts they can view via text or email on their mobile or tablet devices so they can stop work and move to a safe area if needed.

The Indji Watch Utility Edition is a cloud-based risk mitigation tool designed to do just that by giving users greater insights into environmental threats and the ability to respond to relevant alerts based on thresholds that they choose. Utility personnel can now have a consolidated solution which fits their needs and allows them be proactive in making better informed decisions on hazards that threaten their utility operations.

A Customized System

With Indji Watch, utility operations have the ability to configure wildfire and weather hazard data threat thresholds which provide situational awareness on events that may be unique to their region. Indji Systems is proud to offer the most innovative hazard data sources and threat monitoring in a product specifically designed for the utility industry. We also pride ourselves on incorporating relevant local data sources and user feedback that solve the needs of our utility clients. This has led to the integration of local, state and federal wildfire data from dozens of dispatch centers, updating as frequently as every five minutes, and satellite data for visual hot spots in relation to your utility assets.

Wildfire identification


Our unique patented system provides dynamic modelling of hazards enabling the identification of threats to assets. Utility assets, including power lines and sub-stations, are precisely identified in contrast to other systems which only alert based on a handful of points within the utility network. Indji Watch provides the operations personnel greater visibility into threats and allows them to quickly identify which assets are under threat.


Wildfire perimeter


Advanced Warning for Better Decisions

Indji Watch is the only solution that can monitor a full spectrum of hazards including: wildfires, lightning, high winds, temperature extremes and much more, and then alert you in real-time to those that will impact your assets.

 Our highly detailed maps show current threats in relation to each asset, not just weather on a map, and our Asset Threat Window provides a single view of each of your assets, the type of threat and distance to your asset. You choose the hazard warnings you want to see that are critical to your business. The threat window is easily sortable, allowing you to focus on a specific asset or threat type, helping you quickly identify threats to grid stability and avoid outages.

Utilities Threat Window



With Indji Watch, you receive threat alerts based on a threshold you choose. Be confident when you know that the entire line you are working on is being monitored for wildfires or that critical areas are expected to have winds above a threshold you set which typically makes maintenance activities unsafe, could exacerbate wildfire activity, or even cause equipment related flashovers and fires in nearby vegetation. Team members can choose to receive automated threat alerts via their mobile device, tablet or desktop device with no license restrictions. Receive only the asset threat alerts that are important to you based on customized monitoring rules that you define. We’ll alert you when new threats appear so you and your team in the field have the right information to make informed decisions and stay safe.

wildfire email alert


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